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Plant Hire in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria

Twin Connect offer for our service offerings across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Our experienced operators possess the required training and qualifications to operate our wet hire sucker trucks on your next telecommunication and electrical project. All our digging machines are frequently maintained to comply with Australian quality and safety parameters for effective operation on construction sites.

Sucker truck

Sucker Truck Hire

Sucker trucks provide a safe and non-destructive vacuum excavation method to remove land or heavy debris, creating a trench or revealing the underground utilities. Our sucker truck range is available for wet hire including:

  • Vac Dig 10000 litre Vac Trucks
  • Vac Dig 3000 litre Vac Truck ​

Purpose of Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation is the process of using compressed air to disperse ground material that is then sucked up into the vacuum tank. Air excavation is generally a slower process, but the debris produced from air excavation can be recycled back into the excavated area. Any remaining debris is transported by the sucker truck to a soil transfer or disposal plant to be safely processed and disposed.

Sucker excavation is more suitable for loose and less compacted earth material with the use of compressed air. Twin Connect rely on air pressure to expose sensitive and fragile underground electrical and telecommunication cables, water and gas pipework.

Vacuum excavator

Our Additional Plant

Twin Connect also own a range of other equipment that we use for servicing your telecommunication and electrical projects the highest safety and quality standards.

Drilling Rigs

Drilling rigs are tall digging machines that are purposely designed for drilling into the ground to desired depths. Drilling rigs are usually mounted on a vehicle for easy transportation between projects with a long extendable boom attached that runs the length of the vehicle.


Excavators are powerful digging machines that are fitted with a hydraulic system and long reach to efficiently handle bulk amounts of heavy earth material for underground wiring and electrical installation. The interchangeable bucket head can connect additional attachments for multipurpose functions.

Elevated Work Platforms

Elevated work platforms or EWPs can lift our workers to heights for elevated electrical projects on streetlights, electrical wires and traffic control signals. We have vehicle-mounted EWPs that can travel on public roads between projects with a boom mounted on the truck chassis.


Tippers or dump trucks are equipped with hydraulically powered dump boxes that allow our truck operators to transport and tip bulk loads of earth material acquired from underground excavations. Tippers are tough trucks that specialise in heavy-duty construction work on a variety of projects.

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Wet Hire Our Quality Vac Trucks for Non-Destructive Digging on Your Next Project

Twin Connect Australian East Coast

Plant Hire Locations

At Twin Connect, we provide wet hire vac trucks for telecommunication and electrical projects across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria including:

  • Sydney
  • Sutherland Shire
  • Revesby
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne

Get in Contact With Twin Connect

Contact our expert team to discuss wet hiring our vacuum excavation trucks for your next telecommunication and electrical project. For a free personalised quote, be sure to complete our online contact form or give us a call.

Twin Connect

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