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Optical Fibre Splicing and Hauling in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria

Twin Connect are industry leaders in constructing and maintaining fibre networks Australia wide. We takes pride as an Australian family-owned company who promote a hardworking and unified team environment.

Twin Connect continues to expand its project capabilities for our clients with our additional optical fibre hauling and splicing service on telecommunication projects. We specialise in the installation, termination, testing, maintenance and certification of fibre optic networks. Our skilled communication team works to provide a complete service delivery of optical fibre networks, including both the construction of new cable networks and the ongoing management and maintenance of existing cable networks.

Fibre Networks
Fibre Optical Splicing

Fibre Optical Splicing

Optical fibre splicing is a major strength of our service offerings within the telecommunication industry. Our fibre technicians focus on all facets of fibre splicing to undertake fibre optic splicing testing for both single and multi-mode optical fibre cabling solutions. Our complete splicing test services include end-to-end reel testing and splice loss testing. Our experienced technicians have capabilities to find fibre cable network faults that require our maintenance and rearrangement service.

Optical Fibre Hauling

Optic fibre cable hauling and installation projects in the telecommunication industry is another top strength of Twin Connect. We can handle all aspects of some of the largest optic fibre cable hauling projects. We have used our optical fibre hauling service to develop strong working relationships with several high-profile telecommunication companies. We place a high level of importance to maintain these working relationships and continually complete our optical fibre hauling service to a high standard.

Optical Fibre Hauling
Optical Fibre Network Accreditations

Optical Fibre Network Accreditations

We hold accreditation with numerous national carriers and civil construction companies to successfully complete major network builds. The dedicated Twin Connect team are Telstra wholesale approved and hold formal telecommunication qualifications along with years of network experience. Our company is ISO accredited for ISO 9001 Quality and AS/NZS 4801 WHS.

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Twin Connect Australian East Coast

Servicing Along the Australian East Coast

Based in Sydney NSW, Twin Connect provide optical fibre hauling and splicing services across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria including:

  • Sydney
  • Sutherland Shire
  • Revesby
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne

Contact Twin Connect

Twin Connect can be directly contacted by completing our online contact form or giving us a call to discuss our optical fibre splicing and hauling on your next telecommunication project.

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