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Directional drilling in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria

Drilling services

Twin Connect has vast experience in the telecommunication and electrical industry when performing horizontal directional drilling and trenchless underground boring in a wide variety of environments. Horizontal directional drilling uses a drilling rig mounted on the surface with a steerable boring method for digging non-vertical holes for pipes and cables. This gives us the ability to drill beneath objects that already exist on the surface such as roads, railway lines, and buildings in wet or dry ground conditions where long distances are required to be covered. This method allows for effective non-destructive digging and pipe installation with low impact on the immediate environment. Directional drilling can save your project time and money as a highly effective and precise process.

Directional drill
Directional drilling

How does directional drilling work?

Our precise directional drilling process entails drilling into the ground at a horizontal angle to install pipes and cables without the need to dig trenches. Directional drilling works by:

  • Back reaming during the directional drilling process by pumping and rotating the drill while it simultaneously pulls out of the hole.
  • Pumping drilling fluid through a pipe and bit which creates high-pressure jets and grinding of the soil ahead of the drill. The drilling fluid also moves the cutting spoils back to the entrance of the hole. 
  • Installing a transmitter or steering tool on the front of the drill to signal the drill location to an engineer who keeps tabs on the depth, slope and alignment. 
  • Correcting any issues to keep the drill on the right path. A drill path may be straight or gradually curved and can be adjusted to go around or under obstacles. 
  • Enlarging and expanding the drilled hole to the appropriate size for the needed utility lines.
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Hire high-quality directional drilling services on your next project.

Twin Connect Australian East Coast

Servicing Along the Australian East Coast

Our team conduct directional drilling on telecommunication and electrical projects across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria including:

  • Sydney
  • Sutherland Shire
  • Revesby
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne

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