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Utility Installation Services in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria

Utility installation is the process of creating infrastructure from pipes, cables, wires, sewers and drains to supply a utility service to domestic and commercial property residents.

Twin Connect specialises in pipe laying, pits, manholes, copper jointing, traffic signals and traffic control for the telecommunication and electrical industry.

Utility installation
Pipe laying

Pipe Laying, Pits and Manholes

We conduct a variety of civil construction projects for our large clients. Our team has conducted both small and large projects in pipe laying, pit, conduit and manhole installation and maintenance for both new and existing public areas including heritage areas around tree roots and tree lines.

Copper Jointing

Copper jointing is a process we use in the Telstra network, mains jointing, compressions and terminating copper pairs. Our team has experience terminating and testing copper networks in exchanges and main distribution frames and installing Krone Blocks.

Copper jointing
Traffic lights

Traffic Signals

As an RMS Prequalified Traffic Signals subcontractor, Twin Connect has constructed, maintained and modified traffic signal intersections throughout the New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria regions. We have constructed traffic signals at the Greenfields intersection, upgraded traffic signals on the corner of President Avenue and Kingsway in Caringbah, reconstructed existing intersections, LED lantern upgrades, civil and electrical repairs. We are the preferred supplier for traffic signals works with our technical capability, understanding of specifications and extensive experience in electrical and civil projects.

Traffic Control

To easily and safely conduct our above utility services, we require our range of fully serviced and equipped vehicles along with highly experienced traffic controllers. Each traffic controller is required to complete refresher training every three years to ensure they have the latest techniques and standards used in traffic management and safety. The safety of our employees, clients and road users is always a top priority by ensuring every project has been properly planned and fitted with the correct signage prior to telecommunication and electrical work commencing.

Traffic control
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We Are Equipped to Install and Service Your Utilities

Market Leading Servicing Along the Australian East Coast

Our team perform utility installation services on telecommunication and electrical projects across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria including:

  • Sydney
  • Sutherland Shire
  • Revesby
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
Twin Connect Australian East Coast

Do You Require Utility Installation Servicing? Contact Us.

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