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Civil Services in New South Wales,  Queensland and Victoria

Twin Connect offers a range of industry leading civil services for telecommunication and electrical projects across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Our team conducts our civil services to the highest quality and professional standards with our experienced tradesmen skilled at operating our quaity plant.

Our civil service offerings involve directional drilling, utility installation services, electrical contractors, trenchless underground boring and vacuum excavation.

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Optical Fibre Splicing & Hauling

We have accreditations to complete major optical fibre network builds for civil construction companies and national carriers throughout Australia. We provide optical fibre splicing, hauling and installation services.

Pipe installation
Directional drill

Directional Drilling

Our horizontal directional drilling uses a steerable boring method that digs non-vertical holes for pipes and cables from the drilling rig mounted on the surface. This method has low impact on the immediate environment with its effective non-destructive digging and pipe installation without the need to dig trenches.

Utility Installation Services

Our wide range of utility installation services consists of pipe laying, pits, manholes, copper jointing, traffic signals and traffic control for the telecommunication and electrical industry.

Pipe installation
Electrical box

Electrical Contractors

Our electrical team comprises of electrical contractors for the private and public electrical sectors. 

Our electrical tradesmen are ASP level 1 authorised and ASP level 2 authorised to deliver quality electrical services. 

Our electrical services include lighting, smoke alarms, safety inspections, switchboard upgrades and repairs plus more.

Trenchless Underground Boring

Our trenchless underground boring service is a similar process to directional drilling in the telecommunication and electrical industry. 

Trenchless underground boring is ideal for installing pipes and cables under the surface ground without impacting the immediate environment. 

This non-destructive digging method is used for telecommunication and electrical projects where open-cut excavations and trenching is not suitable.

Trenching machine
Vacuum excavator

Vacuum Excavation

Our vacuum excavation service is a non-destructive excavation technique that is universally accepted as the safest way to excavate around underground services such as electrical and telecommunication cables, water and gas pipework. 

Our vacuum excavator trucks transfer the materials directly into the tank of the excavator, which ensures no unsafe or impractical piles of earth material remain on the construction site.

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Twin Connect Australian East Coast

Our Civil Servicing Locations Along the Australian East Coast

Our directional drilling, utility installation services, electrical contractors, trenchless underground boring and vacuum excavation are ideal on civil projects across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria including:

  • Sydney
  • Sutherland Shire
  • Revesby
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne

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Our capabilities extend to completing a wide range of civil services on your next telecommunication and electrical project. Be sure to complete our online contact form or give us a call to receive your free personalised quote.

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