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About Twin Connect

Connecting You to The Future

Twin Connect was established in 2011 by directors Kristopher Lemke and Michael Lemke who later joined ownership with Ben Robinson, the owner of ROC Communications. Our clients express their trust and loyalty in Twin Connect with our proven experience in the telecommunication and electrical industry.

Our directors have over 65 years of combined industry experience in the utility space.

Our company is based in Sydney and offers services across Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. We offer reliable wet hire of our sucker trucks to assist with vacuum excavation solutions. We use our other plant to promptly deliver quality optical fibre hauling and splicing, domestic electrical services and civil services including directional drilling, utility installation services, electrical contractors, trenchless underground boring, and vacuum excavation.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the utility telecommunication, civil and electrical infrastructure sectors by:

  • Building telecommunication networks and infrastructure with the latest technology, sustainability, and highest quality of service. 

  • Delivering premium electrical services in complex environments. 

  • Creating a diverse and highly skilled workforce that meet the needs of our clients. 

  • Improving our services to set the best industry practice standards through employee training, quality audits, and reviews.

Our Values

Our five core team values include:

  • Leadership: We are leading with clients and leading with people. We have a vision that inspires and motivates others.

  • Integrity: We are trustworthy, reliable, and honest. We treat those around us with respect and work hard to earn respect from others.

  • Innovation: We are constantly evolving and working to develop and implement creative solutions.

  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our objectives and actions.

  • Quality: We have quality in management, operations, services, and Workplace Health and Safety. We are striving to always excel and exceed the needs of our clients and team.

The Twin Connect team takes pride in the reputation which precedes them through word of mouth for unparalleled expertise and excellent customer service.

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Our Team

The Twin Connect team consists of over 60 dedicated employees with a high standard of telecommunication and electrical expertise. We are committed to the ongoing professional development of our employees for superior telecommunication and electrical project solutions. It is a top priority that our employees are fully trained and qualified in all aspects of the telecommunication and electrical industry. We offer certification in installing, testing, and commissioning multiple communication brands such as Austel, Krone and Clipsal.

The Twin Connect team is divided into two speciality areas - the telecommunication team and electrical team with unique accreditations and specialisations. Twin Connect is a leading telecommunication and electrical company in New South Wales that is known to have full accreditation.

Telecommunication team

  • Telstra wholesale approved

  • Specialises in building infrastructure for various network carriers across the Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria regions

Electrical Team

  • ASP level 1 authorised

  • ASP level 2 authorised

  • Specialisation in high-level electrical utility work with electricians on commercial and domestic electrical projects 

  • Authorised with Endeavour Energy, Ausgrid, and Essential Energy to service their networks

Kristopher Lemke
Managing Director at Twin Connect

Kris has over 25 years of experience in the infrastructure and utilities industry, with a specialised emphasis in both the electrical and telecommunication sectors. Bringing 15 years of specialised Telstra experience, he has played an integral part in the foundation of Twin Connect. Kris has nurtured the businesses growth into a highly capable, diverse, and multi-skilled company.

Kris continually strives to improve, expand, develop, and strategise to ensure Twin Connect meets all our clients’ professional requirements, whilst continually looking to improve and offer innovative solutions within the industry.

We believe the key to building and maintaining a reputable company is ensuring strong company culture, a positive and safe work environment for the Twin Connect staff. We have a keen focus on employing staff that are highly skilled and pride themselves in delivering and maintaining a high-quality standard of work.

Kris is extremely passionate and driven when it comes to operating Twin Connect, which plays a major focus on ensuring all our clients’ needs are met and all projects are delivered on time, on budget and to the highest quality and safety standards.

Kristopher Lemke
Michael Lemke

Michael Lemke
Director at Twin Connect

Michael started in the electrical industry more than 25 years ago and has extensive electrical experience including residential, commercial, and industrial streetscape, data, maintenance and service work.

Michael is a fully accredited level 2 authorised service provider with both Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy. He is also a fully accredited level 1 authorised service provider and has sound knowledge in all aspects of level 1 works including working on substations, cable relocations and a variety of high and low voltage level 1 ASP work for Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy.

Michael has a passion for the industry and enjoys being able to share his knowledge with our team.

Ben Robinson
Construction Manager, Communications

Ben has more than 20 years of telecommunication experience and honed his skills as a fibre technician before establishing ROC Communications in 2007.

Ben developed and grew ROC Communications into an industry leader that specialises in the construction and maintenance of fibre networks. Ben now shares this wealth of knowledge with the Twin Connect communications division by ensuring his dynamic team delivers a high level of quality and service across all its clientele.

Ben Robinson
Johann Coetzer

Johann Coetzer
Project Manager Communications

Johann is an experienced project manager with experience in multiple fields including engineering and mining.

Most of his career was spent in the telecommunication sector. Johann has worked his way up from Junior Project Manager to Senior Project Manager in one of South Africa’s largest companies for fibre to the home.

Johann has a demonstrated history of delivering multiple large projects on time and within budget to meet all client requirements.

Chris Edwards
Electrical Project Manager

Chris has a comprehensive knowledge of HV/LV electrical networks gathered from his 18 years working in the power industry.

From his time working at Ausgrid to now delivering contestable projects across the ASP 1 market, he offers a complete understanding across all aspects for effective project deliveries.

A focus on safety, quality and customer service has led to many successful projects completed for our clients.

Chris Edwards
Luke Baker

Luke Baker
Telecommunications Estimator

With more than 10 years of experience in the telecommunication industry, Luke has worked for Telstra, the Department of Defence, Twin Connect and two years abroad working in London.

Luke has been involved in Major Dark fibre infrastructure roll outs, from design and estimating stages through to completion, with input in projects from end to end in his current role as an estimator.

His vast experience and deep knowledge of networks and the telecommunication industry generally make Luke an appreciated colleague and valued asset at Twin Connect.

Peter Husari
Electrical Estimator

Peter has over 16 years of experience in the electrical industry achieved primarily with Endeavour Energy in the high and transmission level voltage arenas, and more recently within the level 1 ASP energy sector delivering Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy critical infrastructure projects.

Peter has extensive knowledge and expertise in project management, electrical engineering and estimating, client liaison and operations management, making him a valued asset to the Twin Connect team.

Peter Husari

Hire Australia’s electrical and telecommunications experts for your next project.

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Our Client Testimonials

“Over the past 2 years, PIPE/TPG has engaged Twin Connect Pty Ltd services to deliver a collection of telecommunication projects within PIPE/TPG. I have found Twin Connect to be professional, punctual, and reliable in all aspects of applaud their work ethic. Twin Connects’ sub-contractor and employee base are well trained in all aspects of the Telecommunications Sector and has been an asset in completing numerous projects on time and under budget.”

Bob Ngariki, Senior Project Manager, TPG Telecom/PIPE

“Would like to thank yourself and all the crews at Twin Connect for the marathon effort in a long weekend holiday period, to identify and restore TPG services in a difficult location due to excessive depths of the conduits and industrial depth concrete. On-site all the team members were professional, knowledgeable, and understanding of the urgency in having repaired. Please pass my gratitude onto the rest of the team involved on Saturday and Sunday.”

Jim Daliardos, Projects Team Leader, Central Region TPG Telecom

“CA&I Pty Ltd have subcontracted to Twin Connect Pty Ltd for a range of general projects including electrical and communications services. Twin Connect have always conducted the works in a professional manner and have been able to accommodate tight construction deadlines with compliance to our WHS requirements. The Twin Connect staff, including site, office and management personnel, are always accommodating and approachable. The works completed to date by Twin Connect has been of a high standard. CA&I have been pleased with the works completed by Twin Connect and would not hesitate in awarding them additional works should the opportunity exist.”

Brett Beauchamp, CA&I

“Hi Twin Team. We have just received our Christmas gift from you and on behalf of my team, I would like to say Thank You! Please also thank the rest of the Twin Connect team as well. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Twin Connect this year and we are looking forward to doing it all over again next year. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! From the Vocus Off Net Team!”

Renee Kenny, Infrastructure Project Assistant, Vocus Off Net Team

Our Capability Statement

Twin Connect have formulated a company wide capability statement that outlines our vision and values, company overview, organisation and people, management systems, capabilities, projects, quality and environment, safety and client testimonials. Our capabilities specifically include telecommunication, civil construction, electrical ASP level 1 and 2 authorisation and general electrical.

Twin Connect traffic controller

Our Careers

The most valuable asset at Twin Connect are our skilled and experienced employees. The main key to our company success is teamwork within our highly functional team. We are motivated by our strong passion to successfully achieve our highly ambitious goals and plans. We aim to hire employees who share our passion, driven to work hard, and actively seek opportunities to improve our telecommunication and electrical company.

If you are interested in joining the Twin Connect team, contact us on or view our list of current job vacancies.

Interview process

Our Past Projects

We have had the opportunity to work on a range of past telecommunication and electrical projects across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria

  • TPG Fibre Optic Network
  • NBN Fibre to the Node
  • Vocus Fibre Network Expansion
  • Optilinx Macquarie Park
  • CA&I Thomas Street Public Domain Improvement
  • CA&I Ashfield Town Centre Upgrade
  • CPB West Connex
  • CA&I Bourke Street
  • Lloyd Drilling Constructions Palm Beach
  • Ford Civil Contracting Green Square Redevelopment Infrastructure
  • Ford Civil Contracting Green Square Zetland Smartpole Installation and Commissioning
  • Ford Civil Contracting Joynton Ave Council Street lighting and NBN works
Twin Connect electrician

Contact Twin Connect

Call Twin Connect or complete our online contact form to get a free quote for your next telecommunication and electrical project requiring directional drilling, utility installation services, electrical contractors, trenchless underground boring, vacuum excavation, optical fibre splicing and hauling, or domestic electrical services.

Twin Connect

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